A Space 2 B

What is it?

A Space 2 B is a unique fun method of teaching children how to attain mindfulness. This website is an accompaniment to the book “A Space 2 B – Mindfulness for Children” by Jayadev John Richardson.

The book contains 30 colourfully illustrated positive affirmations in the form of rhyming poetry. These poems have also been set to original, easy to sing along to melodies specially written by Jayadev John Richardson and beautifully performed by Pia Richardson (Gaurangi) Jayadev’s daughter. Pia is also a professional recording artist. The songs have been added to colourful video slideshows with subtitled lyrics to make it easy to along, either as an individual or as part of a group/class.

The songs are available to download either as individual tracks or as an album.

why not take a look at the sample below: